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"Location, Inc. offers the most detailed national database of neighborhood crime statistics available today."

Location, Inc. offers the most detailed national database of neighborhood crime statistics available today. If your marketing, underwriting, fraud detection, or investment strategies are impacted by crime, or if neighborhood safety is important to you in selecting your next home, we provide the exclusive information you need for informed decisions that will save you time and money and increase revenue.

Most city and town crime data are incomplete and inaccurate because crimes are reported by individual law enforcement agencies (municipal, university, county, etc.), rather than by city or town, and many cities have more than one agency responsible for law enforcement. Even FBI data are reported by agency not by city or town.

But Location, Inc. collects data from all 17,000 local law enforcement agencies in America, and uses a special approach to assign reported crimes from each agency to the city or town where they occurred. Our method provides an accurate representation of the complete number and types of crimes that truly occur within any city or town.

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With this accurate foundation, Location, Inc. uses more than eighteen proprietary computer models developed by its expert analysts to statistically estimate the number of violent crimes and property crimes for every neighborhood in the U.S. creating a national database of accurate neighborhood crime statistics and crime risk.

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Our crime data cover every one of the 61,000 neighborhoods in America (sub zip code), and every one of the 14,464 cities, towns, villages, boroughs, and hamlets in the U.S. No piece of land in America is without detailed crime statistics.