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Neighborhood education index


Better than 58% of the neighborhoods in the U.S.

School districts that serve this neighborhood
San Francisco Unified school district

Schools physically in this neighborhood
Gateway Middle Grades 06-08
2340 Jackson St., San Francisco, CA 94115 - (415) 922-1001
San Francisco Public Montessori Grades KG-05
2340 Jackson St., San Francisco, CA 94115 - (415) 749-3544

Always check with your local school department to determine which schools your children may attend based on your specific address and child's grade-level.


San Francisco Unified school district
555 Franklin St., San Francisco, CA 94102 - (415) 241-6000


Exclusive, Patented


District education index


This district is better than:

  • 61.52% of all U.S. school districts
  • 75.42% of all California districts

Students per classroom


24 California average
16 U.S. Average

Enrolled students


128 schools in this district


Public school test scores (no child left behind)

Proficiency in reading and math  
This district 52%
California 42%
Proficiency in reading  
This district 54%
California 48%
Proficiency in math  
This district 50%
California 36%

Important economic and demographic groups

School district enrollment by group This District California
White (non-hispanic) 14.5% 25.6%
Black 10.5% 6.2%
Hispanic 31.2% 55.8%
Asian or Pacific Islander 43.3% 11.8%
American Indian or native of Alaska 0.5% 0.6%
Economically disadvantaged (eligible for free/reduced price lunch) 62.4% 58.4%
Educational Environment This Neighborhood
Adults with a college degree or higher 87.1%
Children in neighborhood living in poverty 4.3%

Educational expenditures

For this district Per student Total % of total
Total $14,042 $804,929,566 100.0%
Instructional $4,926 $282,373,098 35.1%
$4,850 $278,016,550 34.5%
Student $659 $37,775,857 4.7%
Staff $1,854 $106,276,842 13.2%
General Administration $162 $9,286,326 1.2%
School Administration $673 $38,578,379 4.8%
Operations $946 $54,227,558 6.7%
Transportation $147 $8,426,481 1.0%
Other $409 $23,445,107 2.9%
Non-instructional $4,266 $244,539,918 30.4%
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